TrAC New Anglia

TrAC employs the apprentice for the duration of their Apprenticeship and places them with your business. You pay a weekly charge for their services and TrAC manages all HR related matters, payroll and sickness absence leaving you free to run your business.

TrAC Transitions New Anglia

TrAC employs the apprentice for a set duration of their Apprenticeship between 6 and 12 months and places them with your business. You pay a weekly charge for their services and at the agreed point of transfer, once you are happy the apprentice becomes your direct employee.

Managed Apprenticeships

We manage all aspects of the Apprenticeship from recruitment to completion but you employ the apprentice directly. All the benefits of TrAC but with direct employment for those who already have established HR systems in place.

Recruit and Train

We organise all the recruitment and manage the sourcing and funding of Apprenticeship Training for a one off fixed fee payable in two instalments. You only pay the second once the apprentice has been on programme for 3 months.

Mentoring & Support

We provide your business with mentoring and support to help you to manage the recruitment, selection, training and development of your new apprentice. Candidates apply directly to you and we provide information to you on how to go about finding a suitable training provider.

Looking for an apprentice to support your business?

Whatever your requirements, we have a package to suit.  



We can help you with:

  • taking on an apprentice directly.

  • offering a part time/ or fixed duration placement for an apprentice.

  • offering an opportunity to a part trained, redundant apprentice.

  • a range of different apprentice employment solutions to suit business needs.

We can:

  • Organise work trials and work experience placements.

  • Plan your apprenticeship recruitment with you.

  • Support you with job descriptions, recruitment and training organsaiton.

  • Help you to use The Apprenticeship Service and access to levy transfer.

  • Introduce you to part trained apprentices who want to complete their apprenticeships with a new employer having been made redundant through no fault of their own.

Not ready to take on your apprentice right now? 

Our Apprenticeships Resource Planner has been specifically designed to help you to find the right training, in the right place and at the right time for you.  Once registered, you will be asked to identify the Apprenticeship you are interested in, where they will be based and when you plan for them to start. 

You can see what other employers in your area are requesting and can add to their requests to form a viable group or cohort.  Apprenticeship training providers using the system can make offers to you to deliver this training. 




As part of this process, you will also be asked if you want to receive a transfer of levy to pay for the training.  Levy Transfer is a system where large levy paying employers can transfer their unused levy to smalled employers to prevent them incurring costs for training. 

The team at Apprenticeships New Anglia can help and support you at any point in the process.  Register below now and start planning your Apprenticeship recruitment with Apprenticeships New Anglia. 

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