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TrAC New Anglia

TrAC employs the apprentice for the duration of their Apprenticeship and places them with your business. You pay a weekly charge for their services and TrAC manages all HR related matters, payroll and sickness absence leaving you free to run your business.

TrAC Transitions New Anglia

TrAC employs the apprentice for a set duration of their Apprenticeship between 6 and 12 months and places them with your business. You pay a weekly charge for their services and at the agreed point of transfer, once you are happy the apprentice becomes your direct employee.

Managed Apprenticeships

We manage all aspects of the Apprenticeship from recruitment to completion but you employ the apprentice directly. All the benefits of TrAC but with direct employment for those who already have established HR systems in place.

Recruit and Train

We organise all the recruitment and manage the sourcing and funding of Apprenticeship Training for a one off fixed fee payable in two instalments. You only pay the second once the apprentice has been on programme for 3 months.

Mentoring & Support

We provide your business with mentoring and support to help you to manage the recruitment, selection, training and development of your new apprentice. Candidates apply directly to you and we provide information to you on how to go about finding a suitable training provider.

TrAC New Anglia

We work with you to recruit a suitable apprentice to fit in with your needs and business requirements

You may like to offer a short work trial to make sure everyone is happy

TrAC new Anglia employs the apprentice and places them with you for a defined period. 

We organise the training for you, induct the apprentice with you and we stay in contact for the whole time they are with you

You pay a set monthly fee that includes all the costs in arrears

Any problems, call us any time as we are here to work with you


TrAC Transitions New Anglia

Just like the above, TrAC will support the recruitment, training and employment of your new apprentice for a set monthly fee. 

But with TrAC Transitions, you choose a date where you are going to take the apprentice on. 

This can be between 6 and 12 months into the Apprenticeship

At this point, TrAC ceases to be the employer and the apprentice transfers to your employment. 

(If things change and you need TrAC to continue to employ the apprentice after the date you agreed the transfer, then your TrAC Transitions apprentice becomes a TrAC New Anglia apprentice)

This model is for companies future proofing their workforce who need help and support in the initial stages of an Apprenticeship)


Contact TrAC today below to talk through your options with no obligation.  Both our programmes are flexible and can be tailored to your business needs and requirements

Apprenticeships New Anglia Managed Service

Do you want all the help, support and guidance delivered in the TrAC New Anglia Service, but want to employ the apprentice directly from day one? 

If so, the Apprenticeships New Anglia Manged Service is for you. 

We provide expert help, support and guidance to you and your chosen apprentice from recruitment to completion in exchange for a fixed monthly fee.  We will provide pastoral support for apprentices, will organise training and ensure funds are available for delivery of this, manage the relationship between you, your apprentice and the training provider and end point assessment provider and we ensure that 8 weekly reviews are carried out to address any impending issues before they affect our business. 

Accessing Funding

Apprenticeships New Anglia will ensure that the funding you need to pay for the training your apprentice requires is accessible and sufficient.  Apprenticeships New Anglia have industry leading experts who understand the difficulties with funding and can work out the best way to fund your Apprenticeship training.   

We can help you to register for funding from the Government, but can also support you to access Levy Transfer through our new online portal. 

Get in contact today so we can advise you how best to make the most of the funding that is available. 



New Anglia Recruit and Train

Apprentice management just got a whole lot easier.  In exchange for a single payment that can be paid in two installments, you will get access to all the expertise to help you to recruit your apprentice and organise the training. 

To help you all to settle in, we will continue to provide support for the first month of the Apprenticeship with 90% of the fee payable after they have been in post for 3 months. 





Get in contact today for a no obligation chat about your future Apprenticeship needs. 

We can also provide all SME employers with free advice and support relating to Apprenticeships should you wish to do organise everything yourself. 


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