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We employ apprentices across all sectors and source Norfolk and Suffolk-based host companies for them to provide 6-month minimum placements, whilst providing wrap-around pastoral support for both the apprentice and the company.

TrAC apprentices are fully supported by a dedicated Apprentice Development Manager who is on hand to help every step of the way, and our state of the art apprentice management software and smartphone apps ensure apprentices can get the help when and where it’s needed.

We have secured onward employment for 100% of the apprentices who have completed their apprenticeship with us

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Lola Stafford Consulting Lola Stafford Consulting

Lola Stafford Consulting Ltd has been created out of the passion for good business practice and the need for flexible business models.

The world of enterprise is changing, and we understand how challenging this can be – just keeping up can be a full-time job and time is often your most valuable asset.  We also recognise and respond to the need for flexible and creative support for people who are finding life challenging for whatever reason.  Lola Stafford Consulting Ltd is a Social Enterprise and this means that profit is not spent on bonuses or paid out to shareholders, instead we reinvest in to achieving our social mission.  Our services are tailored to meet your requirements, delivered in a way that makes perfect sense to you at a price that is fair and affordable.

We believe that opportunity creates success, but it is vision that creates opportunity.

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The Seckford Foundation The Seckford Foundation

The Seckford Foundation is proactively seeking out and creating apprenticeship opportunities throughout Suffolk, with a specific focus on those located in rural areas, or are easily accessible for rurally based young people with limited transport options.

Springboard Mentoring

Mentoring is a dynamic, intentional one-to-one relationship built on trust, with a view to transformation. A mentor is encouraging, non-judgemental and supportive and accompanies their mentee for an agreed period of time, equipping them with the reflection that enables them to effect change for themselves.

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Kier Construction Kier Construction

Kier sponsors our mentor programme in Suffolk and supports levy sharing for Apprenticeships New Anglia's Small and Medium sized employers

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Thankyou to our Delivery Partners and Sponsors who suppport us to deliver this project