Marketing Assistant

What will the apprentice be doing on site

A busy bespoke Lighting solutions company for events and one of commissioned designs.

They are in need of a marketing apprentice studying towards a Marketing qualification who will also get involved with the company’s media web site design creative media and will understand their products by getting involved creatively with the electronical lighting technical work.

The role will suit a creative person interested in electronics while wanting to work towards a marketing qualification.

Tasks include

• Customer services
• Direct marketing
• Digital marketing
• Administrative work
• Liaising with suppliers in China
• Assisting customers with product info
• Electronical work such as soldering
• Web design and social media work
• Creating promotional media

Essential qualities

• Ability to drive
• Can travel to Scottow
• Sense of humour
• Creative nature

Desirable qualities

• Willing to travel to meet suppliers


Reference TLS-0001-21
Apprenticeship Marketing Assistant
Level Advanced (L3)

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