General Campsite Assistant

What will the apprentice be doing on site

This is a kickstart role for six months, you will need to give the following code along with the job tile to your job coach who will be able to process your application. Ref KS0B874B0C.

This role will suit someone who likes being outdoors and enjoys being active. The employer is Moore Networking Limited, a social enterprise who supports businesses and young people seeking work or Apprenticeships. Successful completion of this Kickstart placement may lead to the opportunity of an Apprenticeship either with the host employer or through TrAC, a local not for profit Apprenticeship Training Agency.

This placement includes providing customer support and general upkeeping and cleaning of the campsite facilities and surrounding land. You will be able to learn a variety of skills, working outside in an active but sometimes physically demanding environment. You, along with all the staff at the campsite will have the opportunity to learn a variety of skills transferrable within the industry. We will work as part of our friendly team who support each other but will also need to be able to work independently when needed, usually working to a pre-planned schedule.

The tasks of a General assistant will include (but not limited to):

Running our campsite shop and reception.
Welcoming guests and providing information on the site and surrounding areas,
Basic use of information technology including using our booking system, computerised till system and electronic reporting.
Restocking and ordering shop stock.
Maintaining displays and refrigerated goods.
Groundskeeping and general maintenance duties.
Assisting other staff with cleaning and site maintenance.


Reference KIC-0001-21
Location Norwich
Apprenticeship General Campsite Assistant
Level Kickstart

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